‘Once Upon A Time’: Season 4 Premiere

3 October, 2014

I had been very interested about the direction this show was headed for a while, since the season finale in May we’ve known which direction that was: ‘Frozen’… (?!)
[ At this point, I was gonna go into how it appeared like management was ramming the idea down the producers throat, and how I really didn’t care for ‘Frozen’ that much, and how it couldn’t compare to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ etc., yadda yadda yadda… except for the part where I went back and re-examined ‘Frozen’ and was reminded of all the good things about it, which I had somehow forgotten completely in the few months since its theatrical run (a little scary, really). Which then, pretty much changed the direction of what I was gonna write myself, here… ]

The ‘good things’ in ‘Frozen’? Well, in part, the unconventional love story, the girl power, and… Olaf! (Olaf’s great). These strengths collectively allow some suspension of disbelief regarding a few negative aspects, including one I find quite problematic (the whole sisters’ estrangement thing). Additionally in its favor, the music and songs are much better than I recalled; apparently, there wasn’t much I actually did remember correctly…

And so, initially, it was with a sense of wariness (yet open-mindedness) that I did anticipate watching the ‘Once Upon A Time’ season premiere, and, well, even with a good degree of skepticism, it actually looks like everything’s gonna be OK.

Gotta credit the creators, cast & crew for achieving a delicate balancing act. I was dreading a kind of all-Frozen-all-the-time, but no, they spend some time incorporating enough of the ‘Frozen’ story elements such that you needn’t have actually seen the movie, yet still manage to continue last season’s story lines and begin new ones, separate from Elsa and Anna.

Of those characters, I have to say the casting is perfection. Georgina Haig as Elsa and Elizabeth Lail as Anna really embody their animated counterparts, in appearance and personality, body and soul. It continues to be a cool wonder to see the transformation characters undergo from animation to live-action, to literally fleshed-out 3-dimensionality.

Other ‘Frozen’ bits make it out of the movie, from Elsa’s snow/ice powers, to Marshmallow, to Grand Pabbie, they’re rendered into the ‘Once…’ universe intact. Seems the budget got bumped up a bit, previously some special effects were quite, um, “rustic” (sure, the Regina/Ursula had some cheesy camp value but c’mon, Once has earned at least the same amount of whiz-bang CG as Agents of SHIELD by now).

Everything considered, I would put this episode in the upper echelon of the standards already set by the show, it’s very well done. If you didn’t care for ‘Frozen’ I would suggest giving it another chance. If you loved ‘Frozen’, then obviously this is right in your wheelhouse. However, they didn’t take that for granted, thankfully, it seems they did their due diligence in trying to get it just right; so far, so good…


The King’s Speech ·· Has Nothing New To Say

17 February, 2011

To borrow some of the comic genius of HisWhiteHotBrilliance Obama, it is the “silly season” ( apparently He’s unaware that in politics silly never ends, which precludes calling any specific time a “season” ).

For movie-going that time of year is now, a time when such movies are foisted upon us that even the studios allowing their release know full well how truly TRULY awful they are.  It’s a virtual cinematic dumping ground and has been year after year.  If there are even two minutes of any semblance of redeeming value in No Strings Attached, or Just Go With It, or. . .


Upon His Reflection, Obama Wonders at His Warp-speed President-ing

10 February, 2011

[ This is completely NOT timely.  You could sue me for Breach of Blogger Protocols except not only have I never professed to being a “blogger”, I’ve professed quite the opposite.  So in lieu of suing me you can just shut up.  Obviously I didn’t finish it in time to post it in a timely manner but I spent a sh!tload of time on it, it’s pretty damn good and, most importantly, I’m coming up on my deadline to not let a week go by without a new. . .


Don We Now Our Luminous Rings ·· The Angels

4 February, 2011

My beloved Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Those Angels.  The Angels of Curious then Curiouser Offseason 2010 – 2011.

After mighty swings and misses on free agents Carl Crawford and Adrián Beltré (the Curious) there was time enough for everyone to get from denial-to anger-to bargaining-to depression, all the way to the grudging acceptance that We Will Win With What We’ve Got.. . .


Black Swan ·· the Price of Perfection

28 January, 2011

First, there will be no “spoiler alert”.  If you do not wish to encounter any “spoiler” then you should do what I do:  don’t read reviews.  Still, I’m not going out of my way to “spoil”, it will just naturally happen in the course of discussing a film, won’t it?

So, I read zero reviews prior to seeing Black Swan and I have read two reviews afterwards, appropriately, one extremely positive (white!) and one extremely. . .


. . .fear itself.” Decried.

17 February, 2010

If ever anyone decries the use of fear by, uh, a certain group of people, you can almost guarantee that they are part of a, um, different group of people that opposes the first group, frequently through the use of, (you know it’s coming), FEAR.  Fear the decriers of fear as they are surely amongst the foremost mongerers, purveyors and peddlers of it themselves (I myself do not wish to alarm; I’d go with something like, “be wary of”).  . . .



4 February, 2010

I do wonder why we can’t be done with the controversy of abortion already.  You want one?  Go get one.  You don’t want one?  Have the kid.  Just, can I be left the hell out of it already?

Everyone knows women are free to have an abortion should they choose to do so.  If you don’t like it, then you probably won’t be having one.  If you don’t want anyone else having one, . . .


Incorrection or: A Journey Of This Particular Mind Through A Veritable Cornucopia O’ Bullsh!t

29 January, 2010

I was forced to broach this subject recently.  It was foisted upon me, as He is foisted upon us.  He, of course, is His WhiteHotBrilliance, the guy that’s been playing the role of the President of the United States for about a year.  How this particular mind arrived at, Obama- A Being So Bright (Ya Gotta Wear Shades!), is the story of the 2008 presidential campaign, the one that sucked me back into the political arena after swearing off of it for good.  This is purely from memory so. . .